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Sales of : Sepoy (Aus)'s progeny in 2016.

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Sepoy (Aus)

Elusive Quality - Watchful (Aus), by Danehill
2016 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Sepoy (Aus)'s progeny in 2016.
2016 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 15,000 28 22 $15,365 (266) $15,010 (232) $37,338 $33,966
Hip Sex
TATFEB 2017 142 F Local History (GB) Local Fancy (GB)
£sd7,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: West Dereham Abbey Stud Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Jamie Railton
ARQDEC 2016 281 F - Lasting View (Ire)
11,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: 4 0 Silfield Bloodstock Ltd Pivotal (GB) C: Montaigu
ARQDEC 2016 379 C - Singuna (Ger)
35,000 B: PEGASE BLOODSTOCK  Catalog
BR:  Black Sam Bellamy (Ire) C: Grandcamp
ARQDEC 2016 447 F - Arabian Flight (GB)
3,500 B: FRESNAY AGRICOLE S.A.S  Catalog
BR: 1 0e.A.R.L. Haras Du Lieu Des Champs & 3 0 Leftnard Stud & 1 0 Fap Syndicate & 5 Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Lieu des Champs
TATFOA 2016 243 F - Betty Brook (Ire)
( £sd20,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mrs E. P. Littmoden Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Whitwell Bloodstock
TATFOA 2016 302 F - Cool Catena (GB)
( £sd4,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Clive Dennett One Cool Cat C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATFOA 2016 417 C - Collectable (GB)
£sd12,500 B: Oaks Farm Stables  Catalog
BR: Mill House Stud Excellent Art (GB) C: Mill House Stud
TATFOA 2016 421 F Lorton (GB) Oilinda (GB)
£sd12,000 B: G.B. Turnbull  Catalog
BR: T. J. Cooper Nayef C: Nuthurst Farm Stud
TATFOA 2016 444 C - Red Boots (Ire)
£sd1,000 B: Janda Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Marcia Gray Verglas (Ire) C: New England Stud
TATFOA 2016 464 C - Rosaceous (GB)
£sd13,000 B: Sherglass Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs G. Middlebrook Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Norelands Stud
TATFOA 2016 473 F - Hattie Jacques (GB)
£sd16,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock/Culworth Grounds Farm  Catalog
BR: Brook Stud Bloodstock Ltd Sixties Icon (GB) C: Brook Stud
TATFOA 2016 525 C - Fleeting Image (GB)
£sd11,000 B: M. Harris  Catalog
BR: P. T. Tellwright Sir Percy (GB) C: Furnace Mill Stud
TATFOA 2016 550 F - Rockme Cockney (GB)
£sd3,500 B: Five Star Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Tibthorpe Stud Cockney Rebel (Ire) C: Tibthorpe Stud
TATFOA 2016 554 F - Katevan (Ire)
£sd26,000 B: Fernham Farm  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs I. Wilson Heliostatic (Ire) C: Jamie Railton
TATFOA 2016 676 C - Humility (GB)
( £sd9,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: C. A. Cyzer Polar Falcon C: Voute Sales
TATFOA 2016 695 C - Miliika (GB)
£sd18,000 B: M&W Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: C. J. Mills Green Desert C: Trickledown Stud
TATFOA 2016 700 C - Super Electra (Ire)
£sd3,500 B: Martul CB  Catalog
BR: Mrs Emma Capon Sea The Stars (Ire) C: Norelands Stud
TATFOA 2016 764 F - True Course (GB)
( £sd8,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 1 0 Oliver Tait Co Limited Dubawi (Ire) C: Newsells Park Stud
TATFOA 2016 1098 C - Wind Surf
£sd15,000 B: PF Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lady Juliet Tadgell Lil's Lad C: Genesis Green Stud
TATFOA 2016 1181 F - Foot of Pride (Ire)
£sd9,500 B: Nicola Kent  Catalog
BR: Mrs R. F. Greener Footstepsinthesand (GB) C: Trickledown Stud
TATFOA 2016 1185 C - Corncockle (GB)
£sd1,000 B: Ana Imaz Ceca  Catalog
BR: Corncockle Partnership Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Catridge Farm Stud
TATFOA 2016 1223 C - Poyle Meg (GB)
£sd15,000 B: Awbeg Stud  Catalog
BR: Cecil and Miss Alison Wiggins Dansili (GB) C: Trickledown Stud
TATFOA 2016 1265 C - Junket (GB)
£sd18,000 B: John Troy  Catalog
BR: Strawberry Fields Stud Medicean (GB) C: Houghton Bloodstock
TATFOA 2016 1294 F - Broughtons Secret (GB)
( £sd9,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: M. E. Broughton Aqlaam (GB) C: Broughton Bloodstock
GOFNOV 2016 401 F - Town And Gown (GB)
2,000 B: Mercedes Petroni  Catalog
BR: Ringfort Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Ringfort Stud
GOFNOV 2016 754 C - Dancing Abbie
( 18,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Old Carhue Stud Theatrical (Ire) C: Old Carhue Stud
GOFNOV 2016 800 F - Hulcote Rose (Ire)
10,000 B: Salcey Forest Stud  Catalog
BR: HR Partnership Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: The Premier Consignment
GOFNOV 2016 873 C - Polka Dot (Ire)
32,000 B: Orchardstown Farm  Catalog
BR: Mr S. Sweeney Galileo (Ire) C: The Greens Stud
Total Sold £sd: 182,000
Total Sold €: 93,500
RNA Amount £sd: (50,500)
RNA Amount €: (18,000)
2016 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Sepoy (Aus)'s progeny in 2016.
2016 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 15,000 51 38 $63,435 (133) $53,079 (123) $167,068 $267,309
Hip Sex
TATDEY 2016 70 C - Enchanted (GB)
£sd29,000 B: Norcroft Park Stud  Catalog
BR: Norcroft Park Stud Magic Ring (Ire) C: Furnace Mill Stud
TATDEY 2016 118 F - Walayta (Ger)
£sd5,500 B: Marco Bozzi Bloodstock  Catalog
BR:  Oasis Dream (GB) C: Newsells Park Stud
TATDEY 2016 135 C - Dream Belle (GB)
£sd5,000 B: Janda Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Old Buckenham Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Home Farm Stud
GOYHIT 2016 106 C - Kirk (GB)
( £7,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: P. T. Tellwright Selkirk C: Carrington Stud
AROYRG 2016 188 F - Anandara (Ire)
66,000 B: Robert Collet  Catalog
BR: 5 0 Aleyrion Bloodstock Ltd Dylan Thomas (Ire) C: Grandcamp
AROYRG 2016 427 C - Sound of Summer
30,000 B: Meridian International  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.S.U. Ecurie Des Monceaux Fusaichi Pegasus C: Monceaux
TAOCT 2016 607 F - Ego (GB)
£sd50,000 B: Clive Cox Racing
BR: Highclere Stud Green Desert C: Highclere Stud
TAOCT 2016 617 C - Emily Carr (Ire)
( £sd8,500) B: RNA
BR: Old Mill Stud Ltd Teofilo (Ire) C: Ridge Manor Stables
TAOCT 2016 704 C - Goslar (GB)
£sd40,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock
BR: Dunchurch Lodge Stud Company In the Wings (GB) C: Gortskagh House Stud
TAOCT 2016 708 C - Green Poppy (GB)
( £sd18,000) B: RNA
BR: Brightwalton Bloodstock Ltd Green Desert C: Brightwalton Stud
TAOCT 2016 817 C - Love And Cherish (Ire)
( £sd55,000) B: RNA
BR: Plantation Stud Excellent Art (GB) C: Grove Stud
TAOCT 2016 820 C - Lucky Token (Ire)
£sd31,000 B: SackvilleDonald
BR: R. G. Percival Key of Luck C: Whitwell Bloodstock
TAOCT 2016 900 C - Night Gypsy (GB)
£sd45,000 B: C. Gordon-Watson Bloodstock
BR: Bearstone Stud Ltd Mind Games (GB) C: Farranamanagh House Stud
TAOCT 2016 1027 C - Sea of Leaves
£sd30,000 B: William R. Muir
BR: Mr Frank Brady Stormy Atlantic C: Galloway Stud
TAOCT 2016 1057 F - Skirrid (GB)
£sd60,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock
BR: Usk Valley Stud Halling C: Usk Valley Stud
TAOCT 2016 1064 C - Snow Dust (GB)
£sd50,000 B: SackvilleDonald
BR: Kildaragh Stud & M. Downey First Defence C: Kildaragh Stud
TAOCT 2016 1176 F Ficanas (GB) Windermere Island (GB)
£sd48,000 B: A. & S. Botti
BR: Glebe Stud Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Glebe Stud
TAOCT 2016 1264 C - Bold Bidder (GB)
£sd68,000 B: Gill Richardson Bloodstock
BR: Bearstone Stud Ltd Indesatchel (Ire) C: Bearstone Stud
TAOCT 2016 1301 C - Clouds of Magellan
£sd48,000 B: The Channel Consignment
BR: The Aston House Stud Dynaformer C: Church View Stables
TAOCT 2016 1394 C - Lady Hestia
£sd16,000 B: Bobby O'Ryan
BR: Mr & Mrs A. E. Pakenham Belong to Me C: Glebe Stud
TAOCT 2016 1542 C - Zuleika Dobson (GB)
£sd15,000 B: The Highbury Stud
BR: Highbury Stud Ltd Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: John Troy
TAOCT 2016 1552 C - Amalie (Ire)
£sd20,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock
BR: Ellis Stud Partnership Fasliyev C: Mickley Stud
TAOCT 2016 1790 C - Caledonia Princess (GB)
£sd35,000 B: Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock
BR: Abbey Farm Stud Kyllachy (GB) C: Abbey Farm Stud
TATOCT 2016 16 F - Doors to Manual
£sd40,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Malih L. Al Basti Royal Academy C: Herbertstown House Stud (Co. Kildare)
TATOCT 2016 21 F - Easy to Imagine
£sd190,000 B: Joe Foley  Catalog
BR: Mrs B. A. Matthews Cozzene C: Bumble Mitchell
TATOCT 2016 92 F - Hanging On (GB)
£sd60,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Genesis Green Stud Ltd Spinning World C: Genesis Green Stud
TATOCT 2016 177 F - Mango Mischief (Ire)
£sd48,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: A. G. Antoniades Desert King (Ire) C: Brook Stud
TATOCT 2016 250 C - Photo Flash (Ire)
£sd125,000 B: Armando Duarte  Catalog
BR: David Jamison & Gordon Roddick Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Roundhill Stud
TATOCT 2016 356 F - Swain's Gold
£sd200,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Minster Stud Swain (Ire) C: Minster Stud
TATOCT 2016 375 F Signature (GB) The Terrier (GB)
( £sd35,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Bumble Bloodstock Ltd Foxhound C: Bumble Mitchell
TATOCT 2016 448 C - Always Remembered (Ire)
£sd42,000 B: Margaret O'Toole  Catalog
BR: Deerfield Farm Galileo (Ire) C: Deerfield Farm
GOFSPT 2016 719 F - So Dandy (Ire)
( 12,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mylestown Farms Ltd Oratorio (Ire) C: Kilcarn Park
GOFORB 2016 113 F - Lady Slippers (Ire)
( 45,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Airlie Stud Royal Academy C: Airlie Stud
TIRSEP 2016 33 C - Extremely Rare (Ire)
21,000 B: Church Farm (P.S.)  Catalog
BR: D. J. Weston Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: Belmont Stud
TIRSEP 2016 44 C - Fifty (Ire)
25,200 B: Kevin Ross Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: N. Poole and A. Franklin Fasliyev C: Gortskagh House Stud
TIRSEP 2016 215 C - Naddwah (GB)
31,500 B: Church Farm  Catalog
BR: Roundhill Stud Pivotal (GB) C: Roundhill Stud
TIRSEP 2016 410 F - Xtra Special (GB)
26,250 B: Mark Johnston Racing  Catalog
BR: The Aston House Stud Xaar (GB) C: Church View Stables
SGASEP 2016 2 C L'Intoccabile (GB) L'Indiscreta (GB)
( 19,000) B: RNA
BR: Razza Del Sole Societa Agricola SRL Desert Prince (Ire) C: Sole
GOUKPR 2016 79 C - Bounty Box (GB)
£53,000 B: Omie Rangabashyam  Catalog
BR: Farmers Hill Stud Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Powerstown Stud
GOUKPR 2016 150 C - Dream Belle (GB)
( £18,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Old Buckenham Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Home Farm Stud
GOUKPR 2016 164 F - Eminently (GB)
£84,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs G. Middlebrook Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Furnace Mill Stud
GOUKPR 2016 172 C - Excelette (Ire)
( £48,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Crossfields Bloodstock Ltd Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Bearstone Stud
GOUKPR 2016 179 C - Fen Guest (GB)
£12,000 B: Sherbourne Lodge  Catalog
BR: Pantile Stud Woodborough C: Houghton Bloodstock
GOUKPR 2016 246 C - Kotsi (Ire)
£19,000 B: Empire International Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Glebe Farm Stud Nayef C: Houghton Bloodstock
GOUKPR 2016 268 F - Loulou
( £17,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Saleh Al Homaizi & Imad Al Sagar El Prado (Ire) C: Houghton Bloodstock
GOUKPR 2016 387 C - Respondez (GB)
( £20,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Alvediston Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Oaks Farm Stables
GOUKPR 2016 454 C - Tebee's Oasis (GB)
( £16,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Minster Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Trickledown Stud
ARAUG 2016 96 C - Promesse de l'Aube (Fr)
90,000 B: Willie Browne  Catalog
BR: Ammerland Verwaltung GmbH & Co.KG Galileo (Ire) C: Ballylinch Stud
ARAUG 2016 112 F - Saralea (Fr)
15,000 B: Artemis Bloodstock Investments  Catalog
BR: D. R. Tucker Sillery C: La Motteraye Consignment
ARAUG 2016 153 C - Above Limits (Ire)
95,000 B: Carlos & Yann Lerner  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.S. Elevage Du Haras De Bourgeauvi lle Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Bourgeauville
ARAUG 2016 230 C - Idle Tears (GB)
32,000 B: Margaret O'Toole  Catalog
BR: 2m. 1philippe Brosset Selkirk C: Mezeray
Total Sold £sd: 1,300,500
Total Sold €: 431,950
Total Sold £: 168,000
RNA Amount £: (126,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (116,500)
RNA Amount €: (76,000)
2016 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Sepoy (Aus)'s progeny in 2016.
2016 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 15,000 8 7 $103,311 (69) $28,322 (217) $339,270 $192,253
Hip Sex
GOYHIT 2016 222 G Dusty Bin (GB) Short Affair (GB)
£10,000 B: Lester Patrick Keane  Catalog
BR: Aston House Stud Singspiel (Ire) C: Hambleton Lodge
TATAHI 2016 328 C Prazeres (GB) Sewards Folly (GB)
£sd14,000 B: Les Eyre; Elmhurst Bloodstock, agent  Catalog
BR: Saleh Al Homaizi & Imad Al Sagar Rudimentary C: Somerville Lodge
TATAHI 2016 1332 C Sticks McKenzie (GB) Bended Knee (GB)
£sd5,000 B: Abdulaziz Almotary  Catalog
BR: Dukes Stud & Overbury Stallions Ltd Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Fitzroy House Stables
TATAHI 2016 1340 G Deleyll (GB) Strings (GB)
£sd17,000 B: J. Butler  Catalog
BR: Genesis Green Stud Ltd Unfuwain C: Somerville Lodge
TATAHI 2016 1492 C Matthioli (Fr) Ossun (Fr)
£sd10,000 B: Christine Muller  Catalog
BR: 2m. 1jean-Etienne Dubois Anabaa C: Attwater Racing
ARQMAY 2016 34 C - Kocooning (Ire)
300,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.C.E.A. Des Prairies & 2 0e.A.R.L. H aras De Mandore King's Best C: Haras de Saint Arnoult
ARQMAY 2016 116 F Indian Blessing (GB) Alpen Glen (GB)
170,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Jocelyn Targett Halling C: Ecurie Prevost-Baratte
TATHIT 2016 113 F - Granted (Fr)
£sd15,000 B: Barberini Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Edward David Kessly Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Longways Stables
TATHIT 2016 189 F - Rose Street
£sd8,500 B: Barberini Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Card Bloodstock Street Cry (Ire) C: Brown Island Stables
TATHIT 2016 259 F - Crystal Bull
£sd75,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Soc. Finanza Locale Consulting SRL. Holy Bull C: Oaks Farm Stables
TATBRE 2016 34 C Chanamee (Ire) Jenny's Dancer (GB)
( £sd55,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr Michael Burke Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Meadowview Stables
TATABR 2016 50 C - Ossun (Fr)
£sd19,047 B: Nigel Spreadbury  Catalog
BR: 2m. 1jean-Etienne Dubois Anabaa C: Powerstown Stud
Total Sold £: 10,000
Total Sold £sd: 163,547
Total Sold €: 470,000
RNA Amount £sd: (55,000)
2016 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Sepoy (Aus)'s progeny in 2016.
2016 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2014 Eng 15,000 14 12 $39,733 (127) $16,091 (182) $169,505
Hip Sex
TATMA 2016 1377 F Lashkaal (GB) Mudaaraah (GB)
£sd5,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Teofilo (Ire) Cape Cross (Ire) C: Shadwell Stud
TATMA 2016 1555 M Arabian Beauty (Ire) Express Way (Arg)
£sd100,000 B: Crispin de Moubray  Catalog
BR: Darley Shamardal Ahmad (Arg) C: Godolphin
TATMA 2016 1719 M Zee Zee Gee (GB) Zee Zee Top (GB)
£sd130,000 B: Brittas House Stud  Catalog
BR: Meon Valley Stud Galileo (Ire) Zafonic C: Meon Valley Stud
TATMA 2016 1730 M Purissima Willstar
£sd10,000 B: Highgrove Stud  Catalog
BR: Juddmonte Farms Inc Fusaichi Pegasus Nureyev C: Juddmonte Farms
TATMA 2016 1737 M Madame Mere (Ire) Napoleon's Sister (Ire)
£sd18,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock/Saxtead Livestock  Catalog
BR: Normandie Stud Ltd Dalakhani (Ire) Alzao C: Normandie Stud
TATMA 2016 1960 M Layla's Oasis (GB) Kirk (GB)
£sd6,000 B: Assaf Motlq A. Alsahle  Catalog
BR: P. T. Tellwright Oasis Dream (GB) Selkirk C: Catridge Farm Stud
TATMA 2016 1980 M Fersah Jaleela
£sd7,000 B: Immobiliare Casa Paola  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Farm, LLC Dynaformer Kingmambo C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATMA 2016 2002 F Three By Three (Ire) Threefold
( £sd50,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Philip Newton Invincible Spirit (Ire) Gulch C: Jamie Railton
TATMA 2016 2045 M Dream Day (GB) Capistrano Day
£sd40,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: W. and R. Barnett Ltd Oasis Dream (GB) Diesis (GB) C: Newsells Park Stud
GOFNOV 2016 1231 M Azzoom (Ire) Prancing (GB)
3,500 B: T. Fitzgerald  Catalog
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud Cadeaux Genereux (GB) Prince Sabo (GB) C: Godolphin
GOFNOV 2016 1275 M Deyaar Golden Apples (Ire)
32,000 B: John Lenihan  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Farm, LLC Storm Cat Pivotal (GB) C: Derrinstown Stud
GOFNOV 2016 1662 F Thanaaya (Ire) Mejala (Ire)
( 7,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Haatef Red Ransom C: Ballinaroone Stud
TAJUL 2016 140 F Thanaaya (Ire) Mejala (Ire)
£sd5,000 B: George Mullins  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Haatef Red Ransom C: Shadwell Stud
TAJUL 2016 205 F Alhania Dessert
£sd14,000 B: Emerald Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Farm Medaglia d'Oro Storm Cat C: Shadwell Stud
Total Sold £sd: 335,000
Total Sold €: 35,500
RNA Amount £sd: (50,000)
RNA Amount €: (7,500)
2016 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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