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Sales of : Caravaggio's progeny in 2021.

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Scat Daddy - Mekko Hokte, by Holy Bull
2021 Weanling Sales Results

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2021 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Caravaggio's progeny in 2021.
2021 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2019 35,000 36 31 $86,171 (117) $59,036 (125) $214,025 $318,390
Hip Sex
KEESEP 2021 746 F - Honourably (Ire)
$120,000 B: Weldspec Glasgow; David Lanigan, agent  Catalog
BR: Longueville Bloodstock & Matrix Bloodstock Galileo (Ire) C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
ARAUG 2021 354 F - Dianaba (Fr)
270,000 B: Arthur Hoyeau, Agent/Haras Du Saubouas
BR:  Diktat (GB) C: Granges
GOFFUK 2021 262 F - New Terms (GB)
£43,000 B: Jamal Alotaibi  Catalog
BR: Summerhill Bloodstock&Tipper House Stud New Approach (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
ARQDOY 2021 132 C - Sophie Royale (Fr)
30,000 B: Jean-Claude Rouget
BR:  Astronomer Royal C: Coulonces
GOAUTY 2021 253 C - Greshnitsia (Fr)
( 34,000) B: RNA
BR: Mr Viktor Tymoshenko Redoute's Choice (Aus) C: Irish National Stud
GOFOR 2021 60 C - Height of Elegance (Ire)
80,000 B: Philip Antonacci/J O'Brien
BR: Cottage Bloodstock Galileo (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2021 93 F - Kitty Matcham (Ire)
62,000 B: Mark Grant Racing
BR: Barronstown Stud Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Barronstown Stud
GOFOR 2021 97 F - Lady Fashion (GB)
90,000 B: Adrian Wallace/Lewis Lakin
BR: Glenvale Stud & Edgeridge Ltd Oasis Dream (GB) C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2021 111 F - Loved (Ire)
68,000 B: Magnolia Racing
BR: Rockfield Farm Galileo (Ire) C: Rockfield Farm
GOFOR 2021 128 C - Mironica (Ire)
35,000 B: Castle Quarter
BR:  Excellent Art (GB) C: Whitehall Stud
GOFOR 2021 140 F - Muthabara (Ire)
20,000 B: Castle Quarter
BR: Longueville Bloodstock Red Ransom C: Baroda Stud
GOFOR 2021 151 F - Nell Gwyn (Ire)
22,000 B: Donnacha O'Brien
BR:  Danehill C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFOR 2021 236 C - Shy Bride (Ire)
( 28,000) B: RNA
BR: Barronstown Stud Excellent Art (GB) C: Barronstown Stud
GOFOR 2021 271 F - Straw Hat (Ire)
25,000 B: Kim Valerio
BR: Barronstown Stud Galileo (Ire) C: Barronstown Stud
GOFOR 2021 307 F - Wandering Spirit (Ger)
( 24,000) B: RNA
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Summerhill B/S Dashing Blade (GB) C: Camas Park Stud
GOFOR 2021 341 F - Alfea (GB)
( 45,000) B: RNA
BR: Mr Andriy Milovonov & V. Tymoshenko Kentucky Dynamite C: Castlehyde Stud
GOFOR 2021 379 F Strokes (Ire) Best of My Love (Ire)
75,000 B: D.J. Stables; Kim Valerio, agent
BR:  Canford Cliffs (Ire) C: Weir View Stud
GOFOR 2021 390 C - Brioniya (GB)
115,000 B: Pearly Baker
BR: Mr Andriy Milovonov & V. Tymoshenko Pivotal (GB) C: Yeomanstown Stud
GOFOR 2021 402 C - Centreofattention (Aus)
10,000 B: Beliar Bloodstock
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Rhinestone B/Stock Danehill C: Oaks Farm Stables
TATIRY 2021 61 C - Hand On Heart (Ire)
£37,000 B: Michael Dods
BR: Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd Mastercraftsman (Ire) C: Baroda Stud
TATIRY 2021 65 F - Havelovewilltravel (Ire)
£12,000 B: Renello Bloodstock Agency
BR: Minch Bloodstock Holy Roman Emperor (Ire) C: Castletown Stud
TATIRY 2021 363 C - Virginia Gallica (Ire)
£6,000 B: Renello Bloodstock
BR: Virginia Gallica Syndicate Galileo (Ire) C: Baroda Stud
TATIRY 2021 366 C - Way of Light (Ire)
£24,000 B: Heather Main Racing
BR: Edgeridge Ltd Dylan Thomas (Ire) C: Whitehall Stud
TATIRY 2021 434 C - Cape Elizabeth (Ire)
£3,500 B: Habton Racing
BR: Minch Bloodstock Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Castledillon Stud Agent
TATOCT 2021 177 C - Night Fever (Ire)
£sd67,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock
BR: Barouche Stud Ireland Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: Barouche Stud
TATOCT 2021 384 F - Anyone Special (Ire)
£sd80,000 B: BBA Ireland/Barry Hills
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Lynn Lodge Stud
TATOCT 2021 671 C - L' Explora
£sd40,000 B: Maxwell Thoroughbreds
BR: Hamwood Stud Unlimited Company War Front C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT 2021 708 C - Lovelocks (Ire)
£sd75,000 B: Sam Sangster Bloodstock
BR: Glenvale Stud & Edgeridge Ltd High Chaparral (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
TATOCT 2021 765 F - Morning Line (Fr)
£sd205,000 B: Blue Eyes Bloodstock
BR: Newstead Breeding Anabaa C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT 2021 811 C - Out of Time (Ire)
£sd32,000 B: Mike Murphy/
BR: Oak Leaf Stud Anabaa C: Lynn Lodge Stud
TATOCT 2021 861 C - Princesse de San (Ire)
£sd32,000 B: Michael Dods
BR: Princesse de San Partnership Mastercraftsman (Ire) C: Castletown Stud
TATOCT 2021 1050 C - Tawaareekh
£sd35,000 B: Iain Jardine
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Rhinestone B/Stock Monsun (Ger) C: Manister House Stud
TATOCT 2021 1154 C - Allegrezza (GB)
£sd70,000 B: Ed Dunlop Racing
BR: Roundhill Stud & J. S. Investments Sir Percy (GB) C: Roundhill Stud
TATOCT 2021 1194 C - Aurora Spring (Ire)
£sd150,000 B: D Farrington
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd Power (GB) C: Oaks Farm Stables
TATOCT 2021 1226 C - Bright Sapphire (Ire)
£sd140,000 B: Najd Stud/Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock
BR: Mr Charlie Brooks Galileo (Ire) C: Kilminfoyle House Stud
TATOCT 2021 1231 C - Burke's Rock (GB)
( £sd78,000) B: RNA
BR: George Kent Cape Cross (Ire) C: Farranamanagh House Stud
TATOCT 2021 1599 C - Crazyforlovingyou
( £sd25,000) B: RNA
BR: RJB Bloodstock Arch C: Glenvale Stud
Total Sold $: 120,000
Total Sold €: 902,000
Total Sold £: 125,500
Total Sold £sd: 926,000
RNA Amount €: (131,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (103,000)
2021 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Caravaggio's progeny in 2021.
2021 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2019 35,000 29 24 $72,391 (97) $41,647 (141) $346,542 $99,197
Hip Sex
TATHRA 2021 306 C Lorenzo Lotto (Ire) Instant Sparkle (Ire)
£10,500 B: MJ Macleod
BR: Barronstown Stud Danehill C: Ballydoyle Stables
TATHRA 2021 353 C Maffeo Barberini (Ire) Rain Goddess (Ire)
£5,250 B: Kevin Frost
BR:  Galileo (Ire) C: Ballydoyle Stables
GOFFLN 2021 11 C Andreas Vesalius (Ire) Vitello (GB)
( £220,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Biddestone Stud Ltd Raven's Pass C: Carriganog Racing
OBSOPN 2021 647 C Vasilevskiy (Ire) Positive Step (Ire)
$25,000 B: Norm W. Casse  Catalog
BR: Highpark Bloodstock Ltd Footstepsinthesand (GB) C: Silvestre Chavez Thoroughbreds, agent
TATGOR 2021 14 F - French Friend (Ire)
£70,000 B: Kevin Ross Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: J. S. Bolger Teofilo (Ire) C: Broad Meadow Stables
TATGOR 2021 188 C - Azeema (Ire)
£60,000 B: Kevin Ross Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: D. J. and Mrs Deer Averti (Ire) C: Leamore Horses
ARQDEA 2021 39 C Government (Ire) Love And Laughter (Ire)
48,720 B: David Redvers  Catalog
BR: K. and Mrs Cullen Theatrical (Ire) C: Mayfield Stables
ARQDEA 2021 45 C - Marie The Sea (Ire)
( 10,440) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 2 0 High Valley Equine Ltd Sea The Stars (Ire) C: Mocklershill
ARQDEA 2021 91 C - Show Me The Music (GB)
( 197,200) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Ennistown Stud Dubawi (Ire) C: Grove Stud
ARQDEA 2021 106 C - Tanouma
116,000 B: Jason Kelly Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lady Jennifer Green Mr. Greeley C: Mocklershill
ARQDEA 2021 143 F Call Early (Ire) Call Later
( 110,200) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Thomas Hassett Gone West C: Kilbrew Stables
GOFTY 2021 25 C Clarence C (Ire) Canterbury Lace
£10,000 B: Franconson Partners  Catalog
BR: Barronstown Stud Danehill C: Mocklershill
GOFTY 2021 26 F Lisa's Dream (Ire) Cape Sunshine (Ire)
£22,000 B: Frederik Tylicki Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: M. & C. Collins Cape Blanco (Ire) C: Kilbrew Stables
GOFTY 2021 83 C - I Am (Ire)
£12,000 B: M. Lloyd / M. Loughnane  Catalog
BR: Mrs S. Rowley-Williams Galileo (Ire) C: Kilminfoyle House Stud
GOFTY 2021 153 C New Try (Ire) Shaleela (Ire)
£8,000 B: Ahmad Hadi Almutairi  Catalog
BR: A. Martin & C. Peate Galileo (Ire) C: Mocklershill
GOFTY 2021 168 F - Three Choirs (Ire)
£32,000 B: Bryan Smart & Langton Racing  Catalog
BR: Pier House Stud Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Mocklershill
OBSAPR 2021 37 C - Positive Step (Ire)
$12,000 B: Antonio Figueroa-Cruz  Catalog
BR: Highpark Bloodstock Ltd Footstepsinthesand (GB) C: Niall Brennan Stables, agent
OBSAPR 2021 227 C - Spindrift
$40,000 B: Three Lions  Catalog
BR: Thierry Storme & Thierry Lohest Hard Spun C: Top Line Sales, agent
OBSAPR 2021 1000 C Reckon So (Ire) Lap of Luxury (Ire)
$180,000 B: Brian Lynch  Catalog
BR: Diamond Creek Farm Galileo (Ire) C: Wavertree Stables, agent
TATBRE 2021 22 F Artemisia Gentile (Ire) Horse Sense (Ire)
£sd42,000 B: SARL Trotting Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: M. Phelan Canford Cliffs (Ire) C: The Bloodstock Connection
TATBRE 2021 40 C Giovanni Baglione (Ire) Like A Star (Ire)
£sd130,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Lindy Farms Galileo (Ire) C: Mocklershill
TATBRE 2021 46 F - Margarita (Ire)
( £sd60,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Rockhart Trading Ltd Marju (Ire) C: C. H. Thoroughbreds
TATBRE 2021 65 C - Pink Damsel (Ire)
£sd120,000 B: Ian Williams / Ben Brookhouse  Catalog
BR: Pink Damsel Syndicate Galileo (Ire) C: Mark Grant Racing
TATBRE 2021 66 C - Pop Art (Ire)
£sd30,000 B: Roger Teal  Catalog
BR: Marston Stud Excellent Art (GB) C: Lynn Lodge Stud
TATBRE 2021 143 C - Bright Sapphire (Ire)
£sd240,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Mr Charlie Brooks Galileo (Ire) C: Yeomanstown Stud
GOFAUT 2021 76 F Porto Ercole (Ire) Euphrasia (Ire)
14,000 B: JS Bloodstock
BR: Sonessa Bloodstock Ltd Windsor Knot (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFAUT 2021 144 F Black Pepper (Ire) Hug and a Kiss
33,000 B: Bobby O'Ryan/Kishore Mirpuri
BR: Klawervlei Stud Thewayyouare C: Baroda Stud
TATAHI 2021 612 G Canters Well (Ire) Gali Gal (Ire)
£sd26,000 B: Fouracres Stud
BR: Grande Ville Breeding Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATAHI 2021 1240 G Single Minded (GB) Prize Diva (GB)
£sd37,000 B: Armando Duarte/Musaad Al Mutairi
BR: Littleton Stud Motivator (GB) C: Cedar Lodge Stables
Total Sold £: 229,750
Total Sold $: 257,000
Total Sold €: 211,720
Total Sold £sd: 625,000
RNA Amount £: (220,000)
RNA Amount €: (317,840)
RNA Amount £sd: (60,000)
2021 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Caravaggio's progeny in 2021.
2021 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2019 25,000 8 7 $69,571 (60) $42,000 (79) $180,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2021 345 M Anita Partner (Ire) Offbeat Fashion (Ire)
$100,000 B: Brandywine Farm
BR: Selective Syndicate Majestic Warrior Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Pope McLean, agent
KEENOV 2021 1204 M Crown D' Oro Capote's Crown
$42,000 B: Halmar International
BR: Whisper Hill Farm LLC Medaglia d'Oro Capote C: Timber Town, agent
KEENOV 2021 1359 M Morning Moon Magical Moon
$70,000 B: Berkey Bloodstock Services
BR: Columbine Stable, LLC. Declaration of War Malibu Moon C: Claiborne Farm, agent
KEENOV 2021 1442 M Sally Dangles Sally Bowles (SAf)
$40,000 B: Davant Latham, agent
BR: Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC More Than Ready London News (SAf) C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEENOV 2021 1520 M Unbelievable Dream A Perfect Weekend
$35,000 B: Mr. Speaker - Forks of the Paluxy Farm
BR: Sure Thing Stables, LLC Kitalpha Stephen Got Even C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEENOV 2021 1649 M Eareckson (GB) Shemya (Fr)
$180,000 B: Astute Bloodstock
BR: Michael E. Wates Oasis Dream (GB) Dansili (GB) C: Gainesway, agent
KEENOV 2021 1820 M Pink Pigeon Lophorina (GB)
$20,000 B: Amador Sanchez Quinteros
BR: Brookdale, Jack Swain III & Double K LLC Animal Kingdom King's Best C: Brookdale Sales, agent; Jack Swain
KEENOV 2021 2107 M Full Snow Moon Netherland (Arg)
( $37,000) B: RNA
BR: Allan R. Gilbert Vindication Roy C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
Total Sold $: 487,000
RNA Amount $: (37,000)
2021 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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